About Us

greyhounds are companionsCitizens Against Greyhound Racing is an all-volunteer, 501 (c) (3) organization. Our mission is to promote the greyhound as a highly esteemed companion animal via public education and to protect the breed by ending specific abuses including use as a racing dog.

Our organization was formed in late 2000 and incorporated in early 2001 as Pennsylvania Citizens Against Greyhound Racing. Several of our founding members worked for years in greyhound rescue. They witnessed first hand the horrific condition of the greyhounds released from the tracks and farms and realized that the numbers of greyhounds needing homes would be endless as long as the business of pari-mutuel greyhound racing existed. Other members had only to look upon their own beloved greyhounds to realize it was time to take a stand. Thus, we all came together to advocate for the greyhound and the end of pari-mutuel greyhound racing.

Pennsylvania was removed from our name in 2004 after successful passage of legislation in PA that proactively banned greyhound live racing. We are now Citizens Against Greyhound Racing and our efforts have expanded beyond the borders of Pennsylvania.