Greyhound Racing Legislation in Pennsylvania

Legislation Impacting Racing Greyhounds

Legislation initiated and sponsored by CAGR

Pennsylvania HB 832

Signed into Law by Governor Rendell – May 2004
Bill amended to proactively ban live greyhound racing in PA

Pennsylvania HB 67

Signed into Law by Governor Corbett – July 2011
Bill proactively banned the simulcasting of greyhound races in PA


House Bill 1199 and House Bill 1187 – Both filed 1/7/2016
Requires the reporting of racing greyhound injuries
1/13/16 Referred to Business and Professions Subcommittee, Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee
3/11/16 – HB 1199 Died in Business and Professions Subcommittee
3/11/16 – HB 1187 Died in Regulated Industries


House Bill 2127 – January 2016
Greyhound Racing will not be conducted in the state after 12/31/16
2/4/16 – Passed the House
2/5/16 – Referred to the Senate
4/11/16 – Passed the Senate with amendments
4/11/16 – Referred back to the House w/amendments
4/20/16 – Referred to House Conference Committee
5/16/16 – Signed into law by the Governor
To review the entire bill go to: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/52leg/2r/bills/hb2127s.pdf


Senate Bill 641
Related to greyhound and horse racing
2/20/16 – Introduced to Senate
3/1/16 – Passed Senate
3/2/16 – Introduced to House and referred to House Finance
To review the entire bill go to:
Note pages 31 and 32


House Bill 2537 – Introduced 1/26/2016
Expanded lottery, racetrack gaming
3/9/16 – Referred to Committee on Appropriations
6/1/16 – Died in committee
To review the entire bill go to:

House Bill 2322 – Introduced 2/11/2015
Expanded Lottery and gaming amendments, agricultural opportunity act
2/11/15 – Referred to Committee on Federal and State Affairs
3/10/16 – Withdrawn from Committee on Federal and State Affairs
6/1/16 – Died in committee
To review the entire bill go to:


Senate Bill 412 – Filed 10/2/2015
10/9/15 Referred to Regulated Industries, Fiscal Policy
“An act relating to greyhound racing injuries”
To review the entire bill go to:http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2016/0412/BillText/Filed/PDF
10/9/15 Referred to Regulated Industries, Fiscal Policy”
3/11/16 Died in Regulated Industries

Colorado 2014

House Bill 14-1146 – Signed into law 3/10/2014
Summary: “No live greyhound racing involving the betting or wagering on the speed or ability of the greyhounds racing shall be conducted in Colorado. The Commission shall not accept or approve an application or request for race dates for live greyhounds racing in Colorado”
The bill does allow for the simulcasting of out of state greyhound races at in state simulcast facilities.
To review the entire bill go to:

Arizona 2014

Senate Bill 1282 – Signed into law 5/5/14
Summary: The Injury Reports and Records section of the bill “Requires the Department (Arizona Dept of Racing) to make available to the public a list of all racing-related injuries and deaths to the animals reported to the track veterinarian”. It goes on to say that the Department is responsible for obtaining and maintaining these records. There is a list of specific information required for the reports covering but not limited to the dog’s name, its tattoos, owner, trainer, where injury occurred , type and cause of injury.
This legislation does not set a time frame for reporting of injuries.
To review the entire bill go to:

Iowa 2014

Senate File 2362 – Signed into law 5/30/14
Summary: The bill provides for the end of greyhound racing in Council Bluffs by 2016. Racing will continue in Dubuque and be run by the Iowa Greyhound Association. The bill requires casinos to pay $72 million which will be distributed to owners, breeders and help the Greyhound Association.
To review the entire bill go to:

Live greyhound racing is legislatively banned in 12 States
Maine, Virginia, Vermont, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts New Hampshire, Colorado and Arizona

“The time will come when public opinion will no longer tolerate
amusements based on the mistreatment and killing of animals.”
Albert Schweitzer