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CAGR hopes Kibble for Thought will stimulate thinking about the business of greyhound racing and the greyhounds that are born into that business.

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KFT 10/28/15 How Many Greyhounds

A question frequently asked – How many greyhounds? How many born, how many adopted, how many killed each year?

The truth – No One Knows! The racing industry tracks greyhounds that are actively racing to ensure the integrity of gaming. Dogs not yet racing or those no longer racing are not tracked.

Individual adoption groups will track the dogs they adopt out but in many instances these numbers are not accurate in determining the true number of dogs adopted in total.

Example: Group A located at a track sends 10 dogs to Group B. Group B places these 10 dogs into homes. 2 of these dogs are returned to Group B and then placed into new homes. Each group counts 10 dogs and Group B may recount the dogs placed twice. Group A = 10 adoptions Group B = 10 or possibly 12 adoptions You see how easy it is for 10 dogs to be counted as 22 adoptions.

Up until August of 2014, the National Greyhound Association (NGA) published monthly numbers of breedings, litters born and individuals registered to race. These numbers along with the number of rescue/adoption groups allowed CAGR and other organizations to estimate the annual number of dogs unaccounted for and presumed dead. August of 2014 was the last month the NGA published statistics making it impossible to estimate how many lives are lost.

How do you feel about this? Knowing that the popularity of racing is in decline and fewer greyhounds are dying – are you OK with dogs continuing to die because the numbers are fewer than what they used to be? Look at your own beloved companion as you think about how you feel.

As evidenced by our name, Citizens Against Greyhound Racing (CAGR) advocates for the end of greyhound racing and the return of the greyhound to its rightful place as a true companion animal. CAGR utilizes three primary tools in this effort:


Public education is key to ending this cruel form of entertainment. CAGR conducts educational programs in a variety of venues to keep the public informed about adoption and the realities of greyhound racing.


CAGR is responsible for the successful passage of Pennsylvania legislation proactively banning live greyhound racing in 2004 AND 2011 passage of legislation proactively banning the simulcasting of greyhound racing in Pennsylvania.


CAGR collaborates with a number of rescue groups to place adoption in the forefront at all outreach events and educational program presentations. Many of CAGR’s Board Members actively volunteer with rescue/adoption organizations maintaining a hands on commitment to helping the greyhounds. In addition, a “Restricted” fund is maintained to assist greyhounds displaced due to racetrack closings. Fund monies are disbursed to various adoption groups to help with extraordinary expenses.

More is needed

While CAGR and other greyhound and animal welfare groups consistently work to end greyhound racing, it is important for people who share our beliefs to join us and advocate on an individual level. Never underestimate the power of sharing your knowledge about the business of greyhound racing with family, friends and others whose path you may cross. It’s easier than you may think if you arm yourself with a few key facts to share.

If you have any questions on becoming an individual advocate, please email us at

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