In Memory

CAGR Canine Volunteers



Jody - rescue greyhound
Jody may not have been the brightest crayon in the box, but she was the happiest. She wanted nothing more than to just be with her humans and couldn’t understand why she was too big to be a lapdog. We will always remember our Jody especially in a few years when we are still cleaning blood off the ceiling from her “happy tail”.


Daymon - saved greyhound
Our ‘Big Dog’, Daymon was a quit, gentle giant. We will miss the way he couldn’t eat unless his dish was in the right place, and the way he could only take the stairs four at a time, and the way he would unwrap every piece of Halloween candy before eating it. Most of all, we will miss the way he would walk up and plop his head in your lap, just wanting to be petted.


Cleo - our first greyhound
Our first greyhound, and the one that stuck around the longest, Cleo was the head of the pack – at least she liked to think so. She was the most snobby, stubborn, picky dog, but she could also be the sweetest. She taught her brothers and sister to hit us with their paws when they wanted attention, and she was always there to give our faces a good licking.


We got Winston as a ‘problem dog’ – that dog that couldn’t find a home – and he turned out to be the sweetest, most loyal Velcro dog you could ever meet. He was a failed foster, and we just couldn’t give him back. He had his quirks, like eating the couch, but at the end of the day, he was the dog you could count on to always be laying at your feet. We will miss Winston, our shadow.


Whitney - greyhound
Whitney was a princess but also a true outdoors girl. She could hike any trail in any conditions but when she got home she insisted on the softest bed and the warmest blankets. She had a great smile and could roll her eyes when I did something silly or annoying-which was often. We were girlfriends and companions and I still miss my beautiful girl every day.


Kenny’s happiest picture. He was my best boyfriend from May 2002 until May 2011. I miss his sweet face every day.

SKY 1993 – 2004

Sky - rescued greyhound
Dear Sky, my very special and precious boy. You changed the course of my life more than anyone will know Sky Pie! Aloof at first, the bond between us grew stronger and deeper than most will ever experience. Sleep well my boy until we meet again.

Bailey 2000 – 2014

BailBoy, you had a very diverse yet always sweet personality. Although never top dog you would sometimes gently try and then give me a look as if to say “Oh Well”. From your silly ears and cropped tail to your bubble eyes, you could always make me smile. The longest lived of all my boys, your spirit would not give up. Oh how I miss you and know that I still talk to you. I love you, Bailey, BailBoy, Beetle Bailey, Bail Bottom Butter Butt, bubble eyes and my baby boy.

INDY 1998 – 2011

My special cuddle boy, words cannot express how much you are missed. I will always remember the times I would awaken on a cold morning to find your nose nestled under the crook of my neck or our early morning cuddle sessions on the floor. I find comfort in knowing you now run unhampered by the physical issues that were becoming more constant in your life. I love you my Indy Pants!

TUCKER 1991 – 2001

My dear Tuck, you were the big radiant personality of our family. When you were taken so quickly and unexpectedivy days after 9/11, I knew you were needed above to comfort others. Until we are together again you are forever my Tucker Pucker Power Pooch!


Kona was a sweet and gentle spirit. She along with her sister Kahula helped lobby for greyhound legislation in Harrisburg on a number of occasions and Kona was always a favorite with children when she participated in educational programs. Rest in peace sweet Kona~ may your star forever burn bright!


Dear Buttercrunch in his favorite position–when he wasn’t putting his paws and head on Richie’s chest–or at the various CAGR events. Greatly missed~~~

Snicker Bar

Snicker Bar
Our beloved galga Snicker Bar; she was our international poster child for the plight of greyhounds world-wide. Snicker Bar was known for her feistiness, her sweetness, being a Diva, and for her courage in the battle against the medical complications that ultimately took her life. Run fast and free, my heart hound


A happy and friendly greeting whenever you came home. Paula always wanted to be with you wherever you went. She loved playing with her squeaky toys and especially getting treats. Biscuit Please!! A faithful and loving budivy who is greatly missed.

THALION 2000 – 2012

Thalion came into my life on November 2, 2003, eight months after I completed chemo for ovarian cancer. With that ordeal behind me I was ready to look forward. When I saw the photo of a beautiful red brindle male greyhound named Sly Herman, I fell in love. He was described as energetic and outgoing both of which would prove to be absolutely true. To celebrate the beginning of Sly Herman’s new life I chose a new name for him. Thalion, taken from the stories of J. R. R. Tolkien, means steadfast and strong.
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